Author: Regina

The Art of MIKA

Known and loved worldwide as MIKA, Lebanese-born English music artist and songwriter, Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. has created a visual presence and brand unlike any other. Coming from a close-knit family of five siblings,...

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Analysis of Greed in Popular Film

Excerpts from “The Work World of Greed: Methods of Achievement in Popular Film” Just as the American Dream is ingrained in many working-class minds, so are the myths that “Greed is Good” and “There is Room at the...

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The Wes Anderson Experience

American film director Wes Anderson stands out as a significant visionary and producer of dramatic and comedic cinematography. As a contemporary auteur, Anderson’s distinguishable style could be described as having a...

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Our Paperback Playground

When the last remaining Borders bookstore closed its doors in September of 2011, my mother and I were devastated. After their outsourcing of digital enterprises to Amazon and investing in CD and DVD stock, it became easy for the...

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On Dissociative Disorders

In the discussion about mental health, many of us may first think of: depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, etc. – buzzwords nowadays – followed by schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders like anorexia...

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