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ASMR Affectivness & Mindfulness

Between Netflix, Facebook and YouTube, many, if not all, of us have access to loads and loads of mindless content to help us relax, engage, or procrastinate – videos and shows we queue up to satisfy some type of need, or...

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Exploring Essays

To start, I’d like to appreciate and take advantage of Paul Graham’s explanation in The Age of the Essay. An essay should be about whatever the heck is interesting in whatever form it naturally finds fitting. As if to...

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What We Like Is How We Write

In response to Lanham (2009) and Dodd’s (2010) millennial curriculum First of all, I do not subscribe to Robert Lanham’s mockery of “a new ‘Lost Generation’ of minimalists” however funny it was. (I LOL’d thrice). Lanham’s humor...

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A Dissociative Experience

So much of our lives [is] tied up in being spaced out these days, not there. Despite the fact that this describes the majority of my life experience, many people can perceive a dissociative state in which they see little...

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Writing Is

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”E. L. Doctorow As far as I can remember, I have always loved writing. Maybe that is because I am introverted and prefer to write thoroughly...

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