Here you’ll find features of my writing and educational experience, specifically abroad on London, UK and Sydney, Australia. As a student blogger for The College of Global Studies, I wrote extensively on what to do in the cities, how to manage coursework, and what it’s like as an student abroad.

I. “Hear Their Voices” online publication

On my first weeks in London, UK, I describe feelings of comfort as a kind of “culture shock” in which one can find a home in a far-away city. Focusing on the positivity of change, I explore the process meeting new people, walking new streets, and trying new things. This is the second in a series of London blogs for The College of Global Studies.

Tower Bridge, London, UK (2017)

II. Student Interview with Arcadia Australia

After completing my semester at University of Technology Sydney, I interviewed with Arcadia Australia to recap my experience and offer advice to prospective UTS-bound students. Touching on topics of daily life, goal-setting, and adventure, this interview encompasses many thoughts and feelings about living and studying in Sydney.

Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia (2018)